Ceragem's last 20 years have laid the foundation for a
global healthcare company with challenges and passion
Our efforts to create a healthy life and a happy
future for humankind will continue

2019 ~ now      2012 ~ 2018      2005 ~ 2011      1988 ~ 2004

The Beginning of The Era of Thermal Massager Appliances


2019 ~ now


                  October      : Opened Ceragem X Cafe Orgada Experience Shop 

                                      (Mokdong, Sinsa, Hwanghak, Centum, Jamsil)

                  July            : Chairman Lee Hwan-sung president, 16th IBK Industrial Bank

                   March          : 2019 Awarded Korea's Most Beloved Brand Grand Prize (2 consecutive  


                   March          : Actress Lee Jung-jae ad model contract / TV CF launch

                   February     : Received an contributor award at the 20th Korea Medical Device

                                       Industry Association


Trusted Customer- Oriented Company


2012 ~ 2018


2018          Awarded President's Industrial Packaging Award on the 55th Trade Day

                  October       : Home shopping broadcast launched (MASTER V3)

                  August         : Selected the Global enterprise development projects for the " World

                                       Class 300 "companies

2016            December    : Received Presidential Commendation on the 53rd Trade Day

                  November    : Global Social Contribution Activity 'India Ceragem Dream School


2015         Received Presidential Industrial Medal at the 52nd Trade Day
2014         October        : Launched Ceragem Spine Science Research Institute

                  September   : US FDA approval (MASTER V3)

2013          December     : 50th Trade Day Presidential Award

                  June             : Accompanied by the President's tour of Economic mission

                                         (from 2013 to 2014, through 14 times)

2012         December     : Launched ' Healthy Diet Brand Club Balance 5'


Jumping For Global Best


2005 ~ 2011

2011        December    : Social Contribution Activity 'Kimjang Kimchi Sharing Event'
2010         February      : Established Ceragem Health & Beauty
2009         September   : Official certification of Ceragem Institute

                 March          : Launched women's health care brand 'Naviel'

2008        12 Awarded Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at the 45th Trade Day Award
2006          Received 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on the 39th Trade Day

                  May              : Established "Hope Primary School in China "

2005          Awarded Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at the 45th Trade Day

                  Award / 70 Million Dollar Export Tower Award 


Challenge to The Leader on The Thermal Massager Industry


1998 ~ 2004

2004          Received $ 20 Million Export Tower on the 41st Trade Day.
2003          March           : Completed Cheonan factory and introduced automated production


2002           Awarded the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower on the 39th Trade Day Selected as

                   World-Class Product in October

2001           Awarded the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower Prize by the President on the 38th Trade Day

                  April            :  Entered China and established manufacturing plant

                  January       :  Ceragem Master M3500 released

2000          Received One Million Dollar Export Tower on the 37th Trade Day

                  September   : Established Ceragem Technology Research Institute

1999          First overseas expansion and export in October (USA)

                  January        : Developed the automatic spinal column medical device M3000

1998         October        : Established medical Ceragem