Message from Managing Director

Welcome to our customers Thank you for visiting at CERAGEM website!

CERAGEM global is founded in 1998 as it is based on the philosophy of love, service kindness to the worldwide efforts to promote public health. After 11th Anniversary through the successful careers, it became the world leading companies.

CERAGEM centered into Bangladesh on 8th September, 2005 as the 71st state around the world Ceragem Bangladesh Limited has established as subsidiary company in Bangladesh with the motto of love, service & kindness to promote public health has been fulfilling its responsibility to its customers in Bangladesh. We have also opened a center in Dhaka in December 2005.

All employees, including me, love, ongoing customers in the future may spread smiling on the face of the Customer continuously will make a best company. So that all citizens of Bangladesh, leading a healthy life will continue to enhance customer service.

We are steadily proceeding towards the targets for opening many centers in all over the Bangladesh through the best health services provided to all sections of society enhanced through customer satisfaction because our top priority is the customer satisfaction. We already opened 42 centers in Bangladesh, in Dhaka division 23 centers, in Chittagong division 10 centers, in Sylhet division 3 centers, in Rajshahi division 2 centers, in Khulna division 2 centers, in Rangpur division 1 center and Mymensingh division 1 center. It is our promise endeavors to be the leading health care company in Bangladesh through contribution of best services to the society hopefully we will achieve our targets organizational goals very soon.

CERAGEM has achieved its position in Bangladesh through the support of its valued customers. We are therefore, grateful to the customers who have supported us in times of need shown us great love trust. Our achievement has been made possible only through our customer.

Jae Kwon Shin


Ceragem Bangladesh Ltd.