At home.... Lie down.... Daily....
Get the wonderful experience of CERAGEM thermal massager!

Spine management thermal massager is needed for us?

The center of

Human body

is 'Spine'

The spine not only supports the body,
Is the central organ of the body that protects the spinal cord that is connected to our nerves.
CERAGEM Master V3 device keeps the correct alignment of the spine through thermal heat and pressure which are recognized and approved by Medical Security Agency of South Korea.

Causes of Specialty!!



I recommend these people.

Lie on CERAGEM Master V3 for 40 minutes a day.

  • 1 Those who work all day
    longs by sitting or standing
  • 2 Those housewives who have body pain doing cleaning,
    dishwashing & different work in the home
  • 3 Those children who bow down to study &
    using mobile phone
  • 4 Our parents who are suffering because of
    Muscle pain!!
Lying down on thermal massager device

5 strong points of CERAGEM master V3

Just as different people have different heights,

Spinal length is different too.

If you lie down on CERAGEM Master V3 it will automatically
analyzes your body shape & Provide spine thermal
massage effect that is just right for you.

Different body type customized spine thermal massage effect
which is called “Scanning function”is a patent technology of CERAGEM.

  • Internal
    with up-down

    Up-down (Intensity Control) & 12 program You can expect effective muscle pain relief through
    a variety of thermal stimulation.

  • Spine compression stimulation area settings Compression Stimulus area setting according to spine curvature of user.
    Analyzes the user's body shape and provides the spine thermal massage effect that is just right for you.

You can choose as you want

Strength and Pressure Stimulation Program

6 Step

12 Program

6 levels of intensity control

6 levels of intensity control to internal ceramic with up-down function
You can apply the function to select the desired pressure stimulus intensity for each user.

12 specialized pressure stimulation programs

Spinal region ( neck cervical spine ), ( back thoracic spine ), ( waist lumbar spine ), ( pelvic vertebrae and lumbar spine )
You can expect effective muscle pain relief through a variety of stimuli

  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Manual
  • Mode 1
  • Step-by-step mode

  • Mode 9
Mental relaxation

Moved up to enjoy
the rest of the mind….

Of ten pieces that put nature sound, classical music, functional music
together CERAGEM Sound calms the mind
In addition to the CERAGEM sound, the music you want ( including
CERAGEM sound ) Add up to 100 songs for a relaxing experience

[H / W Configuration]
2 Way Speaker, Earphone Jack, MP3 Control Remote (Combined),
SD card is installed

Healthy space for family

Space utilization,
Smart sliding design

CERAGEM Master V3 completes a new resting place for the family
Sliding design provides excellent space utilization and can be used
with any interior such as living room, bedroom, or study.
The matching design creates a modern and sophisticated sense

3 ball / 9 ball external heating projector

User can easily use it in various small areas of his
body by using two external heating projector.
Also while you feel the heating effect or taking massage,
other family members can use the external projector in
different places of their body they want to consider the efficiency of time.

Main effect: This device is a personal thermal massager which helps to relieve muscle pain by using internal / external heating projector.
Please make good use of reading of “precautions” & using method before use.

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